How It Works

Clinically Innovative Partnerships For Pharmaceutical Sponsors
Status Quo:
6-12 Months Manual Process
Patient Identified

Structured Data
(Laboratory Data and Diagnostic codes) can only be used to pre-filter some inclusion and exclusion criteria

Clinical research associates manually read through physician notes and medical histories to identify patients

Manual process costs money and precious time lost to identify the right patients at the right time.

Dyania Health:
Automated Process
Patient Identified

Structured Data
Laboratory Data and Diagnostic codes

Written Clinical Notes
Physician, Radiology, and Biopsy Notes

Dyania Health Natural Language Processing algorithms are trained by physicians to read and understand clinical notes to identify near exact match patients meeting trial criteria

Algorithms Tailored to Disease-Specific Areas and Customized for Each Clinical
Protocol based on:
EMR Patient Population Disease Groups
Targeted Pharma Therapeutic Areas
Physician Engagement & P.I. Specializations
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